Whiz Kid SEO
Manual Search Engine and Web Directory Submission Service


Welcome to Whiz Kid SEO  



My SEO service is simple and effective. 


I will manually submit your website URL, up to 20 keywords, site description and title page name into the most active search engines and directories. 


What Does This Mean for My Website and Business? 


You can receive traffic from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask.com and the other top search engines, if your website information (and URL) is submitted properly into their respective databases. 


You can rest assured your website information and URL will be properly submitted by hand (not with submission software – which is frowned upon). 


There are thousands of SEO companies on the Internet what makes your service so special? 


Good question. There ARE thousands of SEO companies on the Internet. But guess what? Most them want to charge customers a flat fee and monthly charges for eternity! 


My SEO is unique in 4 ways: 


·        Low one-time fee - $295 


·        100% manual URL and website information submission 


·        I only work with one client and SEO project at a time 


·        Every SEO submission project will be completed in 30 days (or less) 


·        I’ll submit an Excel spreadsheet documenting my work and submissions 



Please drop me a note if there’s a fit or if you’d like more information! 


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